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FMC Pretty Prairie exists to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. No matter what you’ve been through, what questions you might have or where you are on your spiritual journey, our church is a place where you’ll find the grace, mercy, and forgiveness Jesus gives to everyone.

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Bible Reading In A Year (8 × 1 in)

Week 48 November 26th - December 2nd

Sun, Nov 26th Acts Chap. 17-18:18

Mon, Nov 27th 1 Thessalonians Chap. 1-5; 2 Thessalonians Chap. 1-3

Tues, Nov 28th Acts Chap. 18:19-19:41

Wed, Nov 29th 1 Corinthians Chap. 1-4

Thurs, Nov 30th 1 Corinthians Chap. 5-8

Fri, Dec 1st 1 Corinthians Chap. 9-11

Sat, Dec 2nd 1 Corinthians Chap. 12-14

Week 49 December 3rd - 9th

Sun, Dec 3rd 1 Corinthians Chap. 15-16

Mon, Dec 4th 2 Corinthians Chap. 1-4

Tues, Dec 5th 2 Corinthians Chap. 5-9

Wed, Dec 6th 2 Corinthians Chap. 10-13

Thurs, Dec 7th Acts Chap. 20:1-3; Romans Chap. 1-3

Fri, Dec 8th Romans Chap. 4-7

Sat, Dec 9th Romans Chap. 8-10


Week 50 December 10th - 16th

Sun, Dec 10th Romans Chap. 11-13

Mon, Dec 11th Romans Chap. 14-16

Tues, Dec 12th Acts Chap. 20:4-23:35

Wed, Dec 13th Acts Chap. 24-26

Thurs, Dec 14th Acts Chap. 27-28

Fri, Dec 15th Colossians Chap. 1-4: Philemon Chap. 1

Sat, Dec 16th Ephesians Chap. 1-6